I work on a variety of research problems in Operations Management domain. My research can be divided into 3 main categories:

Humanitarian Operations

My main research interest focuses on humanitarian operations, what are the challenges and opportunities and how humanitarian organizations can optimize their effectiveness, efficiency, and efficacy, given their limited resources. My main research themes in this area are as follows:

  1. Philanthropic Donations How humanitarian organizations can increase their donations by understanding their potential donors and their motivations, and how should they allocate and manage these donations
  2. Fleet Management How humanitarian organizations should manage their fleet of vehicles to maximize their services to their beneficiaries
  3. Collaboration What are the collaboration strategies and barriers among humanitarian organizations
  4. Blockchain How blockchain technology can help humanitarian organizations
  5. Social Media How humanitarian organizations can benefit from the potentials of social media to get more resources and enhance their operations

My research in this domain mainly use real world data.

Supply Chain and Logistics

My research in this domain is mainly focused on facility location and vehicle routing problems.

Revenue Management

My last area of research concerns how businesses can improve their revenue through understanding their customers’ choices for their services and products and how they can use this information to optimize their operational decisions. More specifically, how retailers can apply non parametric choice modelling to improve their assortments.